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Peer Review Increases Appropriateness, Procedural Quality, and Value

Each year physicians from across our consortium engage in cross-site peer review, providing feedback on anonymized cases performed by colleagues around the State of Michigan. 

Our physicians also participate in annual internal peer review, providing feedback on cases performed by colleagues at their own hospital.  

Different case types are performed with each new cycle of peer review. 

Feedback presents an opportunity for quality improvement activities leading to a decreased risk of complications from inappropriately performed procedures, decreased patient costs, decreased risk of readmission, and improved clinical outcomes.

Boxes in a circle showing the steps of the peer review process: BMC2 randomly selects cases, Coordinators upload data, Physicians get an email link, Physicians review and complete survey, Hospitals get a report on review, Repeat.

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BMC2 PCI Internal Review

  • BMC2 PCI 2024B Internal Peer Review Due Date: 10/28/24

BMC2 VS External Review