BMC2 January and February 2023 Meeting Summaries

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Did you miss a meeting or do you need a refresher? Read our January and February 2023 Meeting Summaries.

The BMC2 PCI Monthly Coordinator Zoom Meeting was held on January 12th.  BMC2 PCI Clinical Quality Improvement Lead, Kathleen Frazier, discussed the new BMC2 REDCap Database and explained the differences between the old and new databases. She also reviewed the 2023 field changes. 

The Physician External Peer Review Period is March 13th – April 10th. You can locate 2023A Peer Review Resources on

For BMC2 PCI Internal Peer Review 2023A coordinators will retain the materials used for the external reviews and will distribute them to physicians at their facility for internal peer review.  Physicians cannot review their own cases. 2023A Internal Peer Review Submissions are due May 12th. 

A pdf of the entire BMC2 PCI Coordinator Meeting presentation is posted on the password-protected website.

The BMC2 Vascular Surgery Monthly Coordinator Zoom Meeting was held on January 18th.  BMC2 Vascular Surgery Clinical Quality Improvement Lead, Rebecca Fleckenstein, discussed the new BMC2 REDCap Database and explained the differences between the old and new databases. She also reviewed the 2023 field changes. New worksheets and field changes were posted to on February 1st.

You will be notified when the BMC2 Vascular Surgery External Peer Review Phase 2023VS case lists are posted mid-March. The coordinator upload deadline will be April 14th, 2023. The Vascular Surgery Redcap Physician Review Cycle 2023VS will be from May 8th through June 5th. 

March 21st is the Vascular Surgery Q4 2022 Data Entry Deadline

REDCap Highlights for BMC2 PCI and Vascular Surgery

A document listing important highlights about REDCap access, features, and accounts is posted on the coordinator resources page of

Only those who will be entering data need access to REDCap.  Reports will not be in the REDCap environment.  Information about obtaining reports will be shared in the Fall of 2023.

Those who have already obtained your REDCap access, please note that you cannot enter data in this environment at this time.  You will have the opportunity to test this site in March.

If you already have obtained your REDCap access, please remember to log into REDCap at least once per month until you start using it consistently.  This will keep your account active.

The BMC2 PCI Consortium-wide Webinar was held on February 9th from 6 pm – 7:30 pm.

After a welcome and BMC2 updates by Dr. Hitinder Gurm,  Dr. Kevin J. Croce, of Brigham and Women's Hospital, presented about practical use of IVUS/OCT. Dr. Devraj Sukul moderated the post-presentation discussion and shared the new IVUS/OCT Imaging Education Packet and IVUS/OCT Poster which are now available on You will find links to zip files including both PDFs for posting and jpegs for viewing on your phone under our "Quality Improvement" section and then under "Best Practices."

Dr. Nicklaus K, Slocum joined us from Munson Medical Center to share his talk about the REVIVED study and percutaneous coronary intervention in low EF patients. Dr. Devraj Sukul provided BMC2 updates and offered a case presentation.

If you missed the meeting or would like to share it with your team, a pdf version of the full meeting presentation is posted on our password-protected website, You can contact your PCI Coordinator for a copy of the presentations. You can also view the talks by Dr. Croce and Dr. Slocum on our YouTube channel