Insights From BMC2 Data Shared at TCT 2023

A microphone at a podium is photographed using shallow depth of field with an audience out of focus in the background.
Elizabeth Horn

Dr. Brett Wanamaker presented data from BMC2 on October 24th at TCT 2023 in San Francisco.

In “Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Specialist Outcomes in Non-CTO PCI: Insights from BMC2,” Dr. Wanamaker and his collaborators looked at whether operators with CTO PCI experience perform differently compared to other colleagues in non-CTO PCI procedures.

The team found that operators with CTO experience were more likely to tackle left main and proximal LAD disease and treat patients with a history of heart failure.  After matching case and patient characteristics, CTO operators were more likely to employ intravascular imaging for PCI optimization. Contrast use was lower amongst operators with CTO experience. There was no difference noted in in-hospital mortality, AKI, or bleeding.

Dr. Wanamaker’s co-authors and collaborators for this study include Milan Seth, MS; Daniel Menees, MD; Jarrod Frizzell, MD; Kathryn Dawson, MD; Khaldoon Alaswad, MD; David Sutter, MD; Simon Dixon, MD; Babar Basir, DO; Theodore Schreiber, MD; Hitinder S. Gurm, MD; and Devraj Sukul, MD, M.Sc. You can view a PDF of the presentation slides on our website.