Welcome New Coordinating Center Staff - Jeff Hartnagle

A white version of the BMC2 logo and the words, Welcome, Jeff Hartnagle Applications Programmer Senior are on a medium blue background along with red, blue, and white BMC2 hearts scattered around. A portrait of Jeff Hartnagle is to the right. Jeff has light-colored hair and facial hair, is smiling, and is wearing an orange and white plaid button-down shirt.

Applications Programmer Senior, Jeff Hartnagle, joined BMC2 in May of 2023. Jeff maintains and develops server and database applications to support the collection and distribution of BMC2 data. He also handles special data requests as they arise. 

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Central Michigan University and has worked in the defense, automotive, and entertainment industries. Most recently, he worked with a small company that produced indoor golf simulators and used many of the same technologies he will use in his work at BMC2, including Linux servers and SQL databases and scripting.

Jeff was drawn to BMC2 by the opportunity to apply his years of commercial experience to projects that work toward better health outcomes for patients in Michigan. He is excited to work with the team at the Coordinating Center to continue making data more accessible and easier to understand and is enjoying learning more about cardiovascular procedures and outcomes.

A fan of reading, being outdoors, and running, Jeff helps to organize the Ryan Shay Mile. Since 2008, this professional running road race has been held in July in Charlevoix, Michigan and has featured Olympians and NCAA champions. It currently has a prize purse of $10,000.