Welcome - Jeremy Albright

Jeremy Albright

The newest member of the BMC2 Coordinating Center is Jeremy Albright. Jeremy joins Milan Seth as a BMC2 Statistician and focuses primarily on BMC2 VS. Jeremy Albright conducts statistical analyses for peer-reviewed research manuscripts, provides risk-adjusted estimates of hospital and physician performance, and builds machine learning models to predict clinical outcomes. Jeremy served as a contract statistician to BMC2 for four years before joining the team full time in November of 2021. Jeremy founded Method Consultants of Ann Arbor in 2009 and previously performed statistical analysis in support of FDA submissions for medical devices and modified risk tobacco products. He has taught statistics at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has served as an expert witness on several cases requiring data analysis as well as provided private consulting to several law firms across the U.S. Jeremy completed his undergraduate degree at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and his graduate degree at Indiana University, Bloomington. Jeremy has been a contributing author on a wide range of publications in health care research, epidemiology, psychology, pedagogy, and public policy. Please join us in welcoming Jeremy!