Staff Spotlight - Amy Shirato

Amy Shirato

Amy Shirato is a Clinical Quality Improvement Lead for PCI. Amy was new to the team in April of 2021 but was a longtime former colleague of our own Sheryl Fielding.

Amy provides education to registry participants to assure they understand how to collect data, interpret reports, and use registry data to improve quality at their respective facility.  She processes data requests and creates query specifications for programmers. She also assists with the development of BMC2 PCI data fields, PCI reports, pay for performance, and VBR goals. Additionally, Amy assists with educational meetings, training materials and relevant tools for our participating sites to use for quality improvement and assists with special projects, develops surveys, and assists physicians and coordinators with the peer-review process.

Amy likes working with multiple facilities and working to improve cardiovascular outcomes in Michigan. “It is always great to meet new people and see how things are done at their facility,” Amy said.

Amy is excited to see what BMC2 looks like 2 years from now in many areas. “Who knows that ‘the office’ will be like post-pandemic.  Also, all existing areas of BMC2 are expanding and evolving. Advancements with structural heart procedures are moving so quickly I can only imagine how our role will change and expand,” Amy explained.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys yoga and hiking.