Report Attestation Forms Now Available

A female hand holds a black pen and signs paperwork. A cup of coffee in a white mug is to her right.

2023 Attestation Forms are now available! The form is due December 1, 2023. You will find the PCI attestation form and vascular surgery attestation form on under "Quality Improvement" and "Performances Indexes."

We encourage you to use the Report Attestation Form to review report distribution expectations and current processes with your site team. P4P participation points will be awarded for returning the signed form; points will not be deducted if not all boxes are checked.

Distributing reports to relevant hospital staff is a requirement of participation in BMC2. BMC2 expects each site's Physician Champion and Primary Site Coordinator to review all reports provided to the site, and distribute those reports to relevant staff. 

Participating physicians are expected to review their physician-level reports and peer-review reports for cases they performed. Additionally, the Quality Manager, or equivalent, and other relevant hospital staff are to review reports as determined by your site.