A Note from Hitinder Gurm - BMC2 Long-Term Data

Hitinder Gurm

BMC2 is celebrating 25 years of quality improvement. The impact that BMC2 has made over time is especially evident upon a review of our long-term data.

The number of PCI sites has grown 147% since 2002, increasing from 18 to 48, and currently, every non-federal hospital in the state participates in the registry. The number of total procedures/year is up 40% from 19,774 in 2002 to 27,583 in 2020. Collaborative quality improvement efforts by BMC2 PCI have resulted in decreased contrast-induced nephropathy, transfusion, and vascular complications.

BMC2 PCI Achievements on Key Quality Indicators 2002 - 2020

Similarly, from 2012 to 2020, Vascular Surgery focus on key quality indicators also resulted in reduction in  transfusions and contrast-induced nephropathy and improvement in anti-platelets and statins at discharge.

BMC2 Vascular Surgery Achievements on Key Quality Indicators 2012 - 2021

Michigan TAVR experienced a 75% decrease in contrast-induced nephropathy from 2015 – 2020 and transfusion rates were down 65%.

Michigan TAVR Achievements on Key Quality Indicators 2015 - 2020

All of these efforts mean that patients across Michigan have safer and higher-quality care. THANKS for all you do each day to make these improvements possible.