New Resources for IVUS/OCT Imaging

A physician wears PPE in the surgical suite and points to an IVUS/OCT image on a computer screen.

The consortium has developed a series of documents to support appropriate and effective use of IVUS/OCT imaging.

Visit the “Best Practices” page on to find a link to the “IVUS/OCT Imaging Education Packet Zip File with Multiple Resources”. The first page of this document provides data on consortium use of IVUS/OCT for Q2 2022 and an outline of the 2023 IVUS/OCT P4P goal. On the second page, you’ll find QR codes and links to best practice protocols, videos, publications, and a guidance document. This document is available as a PDF for printing and as jpegs for easy viewing on your phone or tablet.

Also available on the “Best Practices” page is a link to PDFs and jpegs of the IVUS/OCT Poster which includes guidelines for using IVUS/OCT for PCI optimization both pre- and post-PCI. This poster is available in two versions with one including MLD and MAX.

We encourage you to download, share, print, and post these resources.