New Process for Report Distribution

A yellow smartphone stands on a white seamless background. Yellow speech bubbles and an email icon are in front of the phone's blank white screen.

Beginning with Q2 2023 reports, there will be a new process by which you will access your BMC2 reports.

You will no longer go to the password-protected Rather, you will receive a secure email to your inbox that looks like this:

A screen shot of the email announcing that a new report has been uploaded to a site.

As described in the email message, you will access your current AND previous reports by clicking the link in the email.

Every quarter these links will expire, and you will be provided with a new link to your sites’ data. That link will take you to a directory with your updated current AND previous reports. 

You will be able to forward the link to others at your site who have permission to view all reports in your directory.

When you click the link, you will see a file directory that looks like this:


A screen shot picturing blue file folders sorted by year.

A separate link will take you to other documents that have been typically available on the password-protected member site but are not site-specific, like meeting presentations. (See above: “For general BMC2 secure documents, please visit our online storage”.)

If you misplace your unique quarterly link, we have also created a lookup tool that will re-send you the information, soon to be accessible at Please do not request a new link from BMC2 staff.

A screen shot depicting the new link lookup tool for reports.