New Patient-Facing Resources for Living with Heart Artery Stents

A cross section of a document for patients outlines how to care for oneself after having heart artery stenting.

This spring, we asked our PCI Patient Advisory Council members which resources they would value receiving from their care teams. We used their feedback to outline a plan for rolling out patient-facing resources between now and early 2024. The first of those resources is now available. The “Lifetime Plan for Living with Heart Artery Stents” is a document outlining important steps for caring for oneself after a PCI procedure with items for each day and at one week, one month, and one year and beyond. The document also includes links to resources from the American Heart Association and the Michigan Tobacco Quitline. To increase accessibility to this information, we created a brief video which you will find via this unlisted YouTube link. We are also working with a translation service to make versions available in Arabic and Spanish in the future. We are grateful to our PAC for helping us identify how we can care for our patients in increasingly supportive ways.