NEW BMC2 PCI Advisory Council

"New BMC2 PCI Advisory Council" is spelled in white text on a blue background.

More deeply engaging an advisory council in BMC2 strategic planning will strengthen the organization and benefit all consortium members.

Our new BMC2 PCI Advisory Council will include a diverse group of partners that represent the varied interests and priorities across our State. It will allow the consortium to better serve its members and ensure we are focusing on high-impact, high-value initiatives.

We propose a tri-annual meeting schedule to discuss high-level strategic directions and priorities for BMC2, including but not limited to:

  • Overall strategic direction of BMC2 PCI
  • Quality improvement initiatives, including P4P and VBR goals
  • Consortium-wide meeting goals and topics
  • Peer review goals and topics
  • Opportunities/new initiatives

An image outlining the proposed plan for the new BMC2 PCI Advisory Council. 9 members Program Director (chair), 6 ICs, 1 coordinator, 1 non-IC/non-coord, Divide state into 4 quadrants, selecting 2 members from each, Two-year terms, staggered (half of year 1 participants randomly selected for a roll-in 1 year term)

We are accepting volunteers and nominations for potential members until October 16th. Contact the Coordinating Center to volunteer or to nominate a Physician Champion, Coordinator, Quality Professional, and/or Cath Lab Team Member for consideration.

Later this fall, we will select an initial slate of members using the criteria as discussed to ensure diverse geographic representation, and keep others on our list for the future as we rotate on new members.