A Farewell to BMC2 Managing Director, Annemarie Forrest

Farewell, Annemarie Forrest - Managing Director, BMC2 Annemarie has medium-length dark-blonde hair. She is smiling and wearing a green and white print blouse under a khaki-colored cardigan.

Our managing director, Annemarie Forrest's, last day at BMC2 is June 5th. Annemarie shares, "I have learned so much from you and the excellent work you are doing to improve the quality of cardiovascular care in Michigan. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity I have had to contribute to BMC2."

The position posting to backfill Annemarie's role is live. View the description and information about how to apply on the University of Michigan jobs website. We encourage you to share the information with your networks.

In the interim, please contact the following for any BMC2- or MISHC-related needs:

We wish Annemarie the best as she moves to her new role.